SORRY!  Guesthouse is CLOSED 'til further notice.

SORRY!  Our Guesthouse is CLOSED until further notice.

 WELCOME to our home!  

-- We are "The Co-Op" Guesthouse --  

in the north-coast city of Cap-Haitien, Haiti

... at an ideal, convenient central location:  just a 5-minute walk to the Central Square and Cathedral, or to the ocean boulevard, or to the most popular meeting places for foreign visitors: the Hotels Cristophe, Mount Jolie, and Bris du Mer. Our neighborhood is friendly and safe day-and-night -- it is busy and lively until midnight, but usually tranquil from then until dawn.

In our beautiful 4-level townhouse, we make available the following:

* a large, bright, airy bedroom with private bathroom, on the 3rd level.

* a small budget bedroom with shared bath, on the 2nd (women only).

* a secure office / storeroom space (about 10'x15')  on the 1st level

A shared kitchen is available to guests, with option for meals provided by our Haitian Hostess/Cook. The roof-patio is wonderful to escape the city bustle and enjoy the fine mountain and ocean views, the sun and sea breeze. 

Cap Haitien has a shortage of affordable lodging for foreign visitors, so you will find our rates very reasonable. We negotiate depending on you and your circumstances, but typically for the large room&bath:  US$40/night, $150/week, $500/month;  for the small room: US$20/night, $75/wk, $250/mo. for 1 person (+$10 per each additional person).  Payment must be US$ cash in advance. Note that we have a strict NO-recreational-drug-tobacco-alcohol policy. Also be advised that since this is Haiti, the noise levels can be high especially during frequent festivals, and the utilities services are unpredictable. Our policy is to offer partial refunds in such cases. We provide clean, safe basic lodging at bargain rates (not a luxury "B&B")

About us: We are a Haitian-American NGO who furnished this house as a space for training young Haitians in practical life-skills, such as English language and How to manage a small business with excellence in customer service. TheCoOp Guesthouse is part of this; it provides the students with the opportunity to meet a variety of foreign volunteers and visitors -- and to practice the principles taught in the curriculum -- while providing you with the best residential experience for your stay.

We hope to see your soon!


 CONTACT us via email:  ;           Thank You for visiting!  Vanessa & Anise

 Above:  Our House, entrance on Avenue C (looking east on Rue 22).

Below:   The Master Guestroom viewed from the common dining area.


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