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 Our Entrance is on Avenue "C" at the corner of Street (Rue) 22   (House #12).

It's a short walk from here to the central square/park and cathedral; or to the ocean boulevard; or to the major hotels (just 2 blocks to the Christophe) / restaurants.

 The 3rd-Level MasterGuestRoom has a private door to the balcony... with this fine view of the mountain.

This 3rd-Level Bathroom is for the exclusive use of the Master Bedroom Guests. 

You can choose to purchase and cook your own food (we will direct you to the markets) --using our gas stove, blender, microwave oven and refrigerator...

or...  at an extra charge, we can arrange to provide some meals.

Either way, the dining area is for socializing -- but we value tranquility and do respect your privacy -- generally we are in our own rooms asleep by 9PM.

 This series is of the Women's Level (2)... the shared bathroom, the small guestroom, the common area.  (1 of 3)  [Not shown is the interior of the large dormitory room where our female students reside].

 Then finally, our sunny & breezy ROOF PATIO.

Two of our friendly hostess/cooks,  JOHNCIA and PAULNA... They are students & residents at the CoOp.

if you've never had a genuine Haitian meal, you are in for a treat... and they love to practice their english during our communal meals... or perhaps you wish to practice your French/Kreole...

 Here is a series showing the master guestroom on the 3rd level. The room is about 12 x 15 feet ; doors lead to the private bathroom and common dining / kitchen area, and the balcony. Windows are screened, but also a mosquito-netting tent is available for the bed. Shown is a large standing shelving for your belongs, and a desk - table. There is floorspace for 2 extra twin-sized airbeds we provide.

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This series is of the 3rd-Levl Commons: Kitchen and Dining.

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